For Engineering Inspection Ltd.

NDT Services

Here below is a brief description of the services that can be performed by



For new projects such as new Refinery, Gas Plant, Pipeline and Thermal and Gas Power Plant etc…..
Design review for all maters related to safety to ensure the compliance of the project design with the international codes and standards and client special specification, and are safe to operate.
Shop inspection (for locally fabricated equipments).

During fabrication (full & partial fabrication) as below:-

Industrial Boilers (Fire & Water Tube).
Power Plant High Pressure Boilers.
Pressure Vessels (Tower, Drums, and reactor) industrial Thick Wall Pressure Vessels.
Special Storage Tanks for Oil and Gas Industry (Refrigerated and Spherical).
Oil & Gas Pipeline (Small & Large Dia. 48", 56", 60" etc.).
Water Piping & Pipelines.
Piping Systems (Process & Utility).
Relieving Systems including Safety & Relief Valves.
Lifting Equipments (Fixed & Mobile).
Electrical Elevators (Industrial for Public & Private Building). 
Mechanical Hoisting Devices.
Corrosion Monitoring Systems & Equipments.

Site inspection

Inspection (Independent or Quality Control).

Inspection during Erection of new projects to ensure that works comply with the required specifications, Qualification of Welders and Welding Procedures, and Welding Supervision as part of the erection or fabrication activities. Witnessing of all testing and examinations including the test run trails and issuing the relevant inspection  and safety operational certificates in addition to the NDE/NDT such as RT, UT, PT, MT and other NDE.

Routine and Annual Inspection of existing operating plants and equipments as listed above and issuing  inspection relevant certificates or reports for each equipment and safety operational certificates for operating units including all types of boilers and accessories.
For damage equipment and plants

Carry out initial survey to determine type and extent of damage.
Inspection during the repair of the damage.
Provision of NDE specialists and equipment required for the repair.

Other services

LPG spheres and Oil storage tanks calibration.
Provision of inspectors and NDE specialists and equipment anywhere in Iraq.
Provision of corrosion specialists including Hydrogen attacks.
Provision of special inspection services for life assessment and up-grading of the special nature equipments.
Engineering review of specification & engineering drawings.

  (R.E.I) can perform when requested any one of the following assignments:-


As NDT performing body for the customer.
As quality control QC executing body for the costumer.
As quality assurance QA executing body for the costumer.
As quality assurance/quality control performing body for the costumer (QA/Qc).
As a third party inspector for major projects.
As an inspector during fabrication (shop inspection).
As an inspector for repair and rehabilitation of plants equipment.
As welding inspector for welding procedures and welder qualification tests and for production welding of new project and repairs.
Routine inspection of existing plants and processing units.


To achieve these assignments to the satisfaction of the costumer, general and specific programs have been established and followed during the execution of the work. The programs for the inspection activities are not included in this offer, only quality program of the NDT (NDE) are dealt with and as outlined here below:-


Establishing general and specific specification for each NDT method dealing with the applicable code, equipment to be, employed, techniques to be used method of standardization and calibration and their frequencies, safety and health measures for their qualification and working procedure with the costumer for representing the tests and examination results and evaluation.


AL-ROOKAL CO. has its own NDT and inspection specifications and is available when requested and may be modified to meet the special equipment of the costumer and shall be submitted for approval after signing the contract.


Working according to a written procedure in accordance to the applicable code or costumer requirement these procedures are available for approval or information when required by customer.
Qualification of the procedures prior to the actual execution of the examination and standardization of the NDT equipment is part of the qualification.
Performing the relevant NDT in accordance to the approved, qualified procedure.
Attending pre-inspection meeting prior to the start of the actual testing and examination. An inspection meeting is held with the customer all concerned parties to agree on the following:-


Procedures for correspondence between all concerned parties.
Requirement of the customer if any.
Requirement of Al-Rook such as the arrangement of working platforms and handling of heavy testing equipment and safety measures during the NDT to be performed.
Documentation to be issued by the costumer such as notification for the tests and examination to be performed (request for test).
Documentation to be issued by AL-ROOKAL CO. such as examination performed by AL-ROOKAL CO. NDT persons, reports, results and evaluation of the testing and Sharing of responsibilities if AL-ROOKAL CO. is requested by the customer (main contractor, sub-contractor) to be the performing body of the NDT examination.