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About us

As an Ex-Oil and Gas experts and seniors (AL-ROOKAL CO. for Engineering Inspection Ltd.) herein referred to as (R.E.I) Founders own philosophy is "Performance and Efficiency is the Key for the Client Satisfaction". Therefore (REI) Founders realized from the early beginning that Tracking of the International well reputed Inspection agencies route is the gateway for establishing and running an Iraqi body provides Inspection, NDE/NDT, QC/QA, Training, Qualification and Certification and other Quality related services required for construction and/or rehabilitation of Oil refineries, Gas processing units, Thermal and Gas Power stations and other industrial plants and installations. Founders' have implemented their own philosophy by six steps:-


Assigning of Engineering Colleges and Technical Institutes new graduates.
Involving them in a very Intensive Training Program (ITP) inside the company.
On Job Training (OJT) with the company certified and experienced senior inspectors.
Qualifying and Certifying them for holding Level II in the NDE/NDT.
Forming of Level II inspectors' basin.  
Involving them in a Continual Improvement of Professionalism Program (CIPP) by the company Level III experts.


Applying of this "Slow but Definite" process obviously leads to demonstrates a High Quality Level of Performance and Efficiency in the services provision and realization via professional staff, therefore (R.E.I) succeeded to be Qualified and Engaged with International Oil and Gas Giant Companies (IOC's) entered Iraq after 2009 such as BP, Shell, ENI, CNPC, Exxon Mobil and Fluor.

In addition (REI) became a Resource of Training, Qualification and Certification of many Iraqi ministries engineers and technicians such as MOO, MOE & MOI companies in the NDE/NDT and inspection of pressure vessels and boilers.  


And again due to applying of the same process in Establishing, Implementing and maintaining of a Quality Management System, (R.E.I) succeeded to hold ISO 9001-2008 Certification and Registration by BM TRADA Middle East which is accredited by the well-known UKAS of England. In addition to that (R.E.I) also was awarded the Quality Shield by Iraq Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation/C.O.S.Q.C during Iraq First Quality Conference held by USAID on 2009. 

Inspection services given by (REI) are available for installations including new projects at different phases such as Design, Fabrication, and Construction and during the test run as well.


The under mentioned services are the activities which were carried out by (R.E.I) since starting:-

Cargo loading and unloading inspection.
From (A) to (Z) site inspection of many projects.
Special inspections, testing and examinations, this includes UT for lamination in spheres and metallographic examination using Replica technique for the equipments exposed to Hydrogen at high temperatures.
Trouble shooting for equipments in the Iraqi refineries, gas and fertilizers plants.
 Equipments life assessment especially for power plants boilers and associated pressure vessels and piping.
Adoption of QA/QC systems.
Training, Qualification and Certification for ISO 9001 and other ISO standards by cooperation with International bodies such as Chiltren-TMC of England.
Arranging Training course for others especially for inspection departments of MOO, MOE & MOI companies in the NDE/NDT and inspection of pressure vessels and boilers. 


Therefore projects undertaken by (REI) may be classified in to six categories as follows:


New construction projects.
Rehabilitation projects.
LPG spheres and Oil storage tanks Calibration projects.
Special inspection projects
Routine inspection project.
Loading and offloading projects.
Training projects.


At the present time (REI) activities are limited to Iraq, but it is intended to extend these activities to neighbor Arab countries and also to include inspection of Marine Installations such as Commercial Ships, Oil Tankers, and Oil Deep Sea Terminals.Type your paragraph here.